I guess I shouldn’t complain

I really shouldn’t complain about dreamhost support anymore

(Rafe — who’s hard at work coding with the first hard deadline of the year, well second, sorta)

Jay: when do you want faq.extension.org to repoint to heureka? NCSU’s DNS update schedule is a little odd it seems, it’s 4 times during business hours, and I just want to make sure it gets scheduled right Rafe: lets try to set it up tomorrow Rafe: even if we just put a static html page there that will be fine Jay: whoops — you know — I don’t even have to wait for DNS Jay: that was dumb of me Jay: it’s on the same box! Rafe: oh yeah Jay: so just about anytime you want it repointed, just let me know Jay: dumb Jay: sory Rafe: no trouble Jay: I’ll go run traceroute now or something Rafe: 🙂

And now I have “Spinning Wheel” from Blood Sweat and Tears stuck in my head (“What goes up… Must come Down”)

Dear Dreamhost. I forgive you. I promise not to send the City Manager from Tuttle, OK, your open job listings.