I Worry for Tuttle

This Register story was pointed out to me by a former colleague in the College of Engineering.

The link to the whole exchange at the bottom of the Register story is a must read.

As I commented to my peers in Extension Technology, stories like that indicate to me that we have some work cut out for us in continuing to educate our colleagues and peers (and ourselves) about IT. I worry a lot about the computing infrastructure in Tuttle right now, if that is the reaction of a City Manager with “22 years in computer systems engineering and operation.”

Information and Computing Technologies might well deserve to be an Extension Program in itself, because it seems like that could be as important as fire ant control, pest management, financial security, and the whole series of “real life events” education that our Extension System puts out. Especially for Tuttle. (to be fair, it was a tricky problem, but you have to have some sense, somewhere, maybe)

Wow, just wow. It’s like my worst nightmare recently come true.

[Update]: Rob Grau: “CentOS: The Web Breaker (TM)” Hahahahahahahahaha