Scott Adams is my blogisherpa

so the complaint embargo for Thursday is done too — that’s mostly Aaron’s fault for saying he was going to fix the faq.extension-slated-for-deprecation-any-day-now tool, which I had already fixed, but that wasn’t my complaint. My complaint was why I had to fix it in the first place and something about inabilities vis-a-vis typing URLs into a browser. But that’s neither here nor there.

So I’ve decided that Scott Adams is my blogisherpa. I don’t really have heroes — other than my Dad, and Lou Gehrig and Jackie Robinson, so I can’t really call him a hero. And I’m exorbitantly wary of following anyone and I rarely have much respect for authority, so I can’t really call him a leader, or a thought leader, or any other post-millenial buzzword bingo winners.

So he’s my blogisherpa. My guide to writing long rambly articles that almost don’t, but do seem to make sense. Like his timely advice about wedding costs or even better, giving voice to the theories of Ignorantselfishertarianism

New complaint — I just finished my McDonald’s coffee and apparently got the bottom of the pot. I was wondering why my coffee was grainy all of a sudden.