I guess I shouldn’t complain

I really shouldn’t complain about dreamhost support anymore

(Rafe – who’s hard at work coding with the first hard deadline of the year, well second, sorta)

Jay: when do you want faq.extension.org to repoint to heureka? NCSU’s DNS update schedule is a little odd it seems, it’s 4 times during business hours, and I just want to make sure it gets scheduled right Rafe: lets try to set it up tomorrow Rafe: even if we just put a static html page there that will be fine Jay: whoops – you know – I don’t even have to wait for DNS Jay: that was dumb of me Jay: it’s on the same box! Rafe: oh yeah Jay: so just about anytime you want it repointed, just let me know Jay: dumb Jay: sory Rafe: no trouble Jay: I’ll go run traceroute now or something Rafe: 🙂

And now I have “Spinning Wheel” from Blood Sweat and Tears stuck in my head (“What goes up… Must come Down”)

Dear Dreamhost. I forgive you. I promise not to send the City Manager from Tuttle, OK, your open job listings.

Thank you Site5

merely loading this post page is quantitatively 20 times faster. That happens when your load average on the server is not:

load average: 9.17, 11.10, 10.19

I still for the life of me can’t believe I sent that to Dreamhost support and they told me to run traceroute.

Dear Dreamhost

You know, when I tell you that your load averages on the server where my podunk wordpress sites are is consistently too high, and pointing out the output from ‘w’ where it was > 9 (and didn’t show you where it reached 14) – and how that’s causing problems, and how the wordpress “php timestamps” on things are 6-7 times higher than sites I run at work? And how I think you oversold the service, but at least find the problem user(s) causing the astronomical load averages and tell them to stop?

Yeah, please don’t tell me to run traceroute and give you the output from that.

Readers of my blog might have noticed a hiccup today while I shifted hosting providers from dreamhost to site5.com.

(and a repost of this article because I forgot to dump it out of the db at dreamhost after I posted it)

Movin’ Right Along

Yes, it does get the song by the Muppets of the same name stuck in my head.

I unsubscribed from the Engineering System Administrator’s mailing list this morning – a list I started in… well I don’t know when I started it, sometime in 2001 I think. Maybe earlier. I only have email archives that date back to 2002 when my laptop was stolen out of my office, and along with it my mail archives (yeah, don’t ask).

1165 messages, of which I sent 503 of them.

One of the things I’ve been most proud of, and the most frustrimigated by. I never really did what should have been done with the group, I didn’t show enough leadership, didn’t build enough community. I’m really not much of a community builder, all my impassioned attempts to do so notwithstanding.

But sometimes folks did talk, and even occasionally they met. And maybe amidst all the cajoling, and even a measure of whining (mine) – someone, somewhere got something out of it. At least some measure of the importance of communication. I still have the marbles Marg gave me when she brought all the door prizes for the workshop. I haven’t lost them yet.

The impetus to move on was that I’ve been gone from Engineering for a while. And there are others that need the chance to take the group and do something great – and most importantly, more consistently – with it that I didn’t quite manage to do in the time that I was in COE. And when I find that the only thing I had to offer was a snarky note about how folks come out of the woodwork when there are lab machines to give away, but when it came to meeting and helping to find discussion topics the sound of silence was the rule rather than the exception… well, it was time to go and take my negative nabob out behind the woodshed and toss it in the junk pile.

Maybe I can do it better next go ‘round.

I Worry for Tuttle

This Register story was pointed out to me by a former colleague in the College of Engineering.

The link to the whole exchange at the bottom of the Register story is a must read.

As I commented to my peers in Extension Technology, stories like that indicate to me that we have some work cut out for us in continuing to educate our colleagues and peers (and ourselves) about IT. I worry a lot about the computing infrastructure in Tuttle right now, if that is the reaction of a City Manager with “22 years in computer systems engineering and operation.”

Information and Computing Technologies might well deserve to be an Extension Program in itself, because it seems like that could be as important as fire ant control, pest management, financial security, and the whole series of “real life events” education that our Extension System puts out. Especially for Tuttle. (to be fair, it was a tricky problem, but you have to have some sense, somewhere, maybe)

Wow, just wow. It’s like my worst nightmare recently come true.

[Update]: Rob Grau: “CentOS: The Web Breaker (TM)” Hahahahahahahahaha

Adobe and Macintel

You know…

Adobe has gotten a lot of flack about the whole “we won’t be Universal until CS3” thing. And I for one, think Adobe deserves a lot of flack about a lot of things….

But not about this.

Good grief, switching from Metrowerks to XCode has to be a bear

And you know, for the first time in Adobe’s history – they seem to be dealing with this pretty openly

So cut them some slack, and get ready to watch Photoshop kick butt on the Intel Desktops Apple better announce at WWDC 🙂

Productivity Enhancement

My productivity has increased measurably since moving the aggregator to the laptop, where it’s not front and center on my desktop computer at work. Only to decrease measurably when it was placed back on the desktop at home.

Thereby this will week will be quite the productive week, as I:

  • turn off the aggregator (or relegate it to the laptop to watch the company feeds)
  • turn off the email

and like it.