Several Thousand Words in Pictures

Pardon the lack of geeky stuff for a moment, for this brief bit of political commentary in pictures:

Google Image Search for Tiananmen — USA


Google Image Search for Tiananmen — China


Idea via Charles Miller

While I think time will ultimately tell — and I also think that Google is motivated by Wall Street, and Wall Street abides censorship as long as it results in money, it is perhaps a sheep in wolf’s clothing. A good thing long term.

It’s mighty, mighty hard to stop access to information, and attempts to do so, while they work in the short run, never work over the long run. It’s perhaps naive, but the truth will always come out because the information certainly will (which is why censorship never really works as a security measure, but there’s some stories in that that are close to home that I’ll save for another day).

At the least, this will make things interesting for a while.