Marketing travails

Some sometimes, when you go renaming yourself to get all distinctive, you just know that the ridicule is coming…

I work for an national effort to aggregate content and provide web “stuff” to the nation’s cooperative extension system (or just Extension system). Our effort has been labelled “eXtension” in order to distinguish our group and effort from just plain “extension” which refers to the system as a whole.

So today in the old engineering system administrator jabber chatroom that I still hang out in (much to my chagrin 🙂 )

me: blah, blah, blah eXtension blah blah blah billy: how irritating is it to always have to capitalize the X? me: it’s not, I’m cool like that billy: Xtreme Xtension billy: Sounds like cows on jet skis billy: It would be funny if eXtension was inspired by the 2004 Chick-Fil-A calendar(*)

(* editor’s note that was the 2002 Chick-Fil-A calendar thankyouverymuch, and as far as I know, No.)

([P.S.] Rob actually gets credit for the editor’s note, and for other minutiae like the fact that the 2001 calendar was “Cows In Sports”. I had to find the link though 😉 )