I would probably forget my head…

If it wasn’t bolted on.

So last week we finally got the ports activated for our cubicles (for our future student workers, and my colleague James Robinson). Well, unfortunately our campus telecommunications installer didn’t have any long cables with him (and don’t think that he wanted to crawl on the floor to install them along with the phone cables anyway) — and like most campus groups, the ‘cost’ was probably higher from them then someone else, so I knew I’d have to buy them, futher delaying networking to the cubes. (I knew I’d need at least 25’-50’ cables)

Well…. after rummaging through the cabinet to figure out part numbers of the 6’ and 12’ cables — I found the 40’ cables that I had ordered several months ago for this very purpose

Sometimes I think way too far ahead for my own good.

(p.s. — you like that little negative that’s not at negative at the end there? next up, Jason lectures on resume writing and real estate taglines!)