Operating Systems

You know, Microsoft Windows gets a bad rap. Sure it’s not all that secure. Sure Internet Explorer is a wretched piece of software. And sure that the plethora of poorly written 3rd-party extensions and drivers sometimes make it not very stable.

But it’s the daggone second coming of vms and netware 3.x compared to whatever fool operating system the engineers at Scientific Atlanta put in my Explorer 8300. It can’t go two consecutive viewing sessions (I watch TV about 2-3 hours a week if that) without locking up while I’m channel surfing, to the point that the only thing I can do is pull the plug and reboot the whole box.

Maybe Cisco buying them will mean they get a decent OS. Somehow I doubt it.

I think I’d rather have Windows CE in the thing versus whatever is running in it at the moment. Anything would be an improvement.