Fink can be unfun

Installing Apache and PHP with Fink can be seriously un-fun, as Rafe Colburn, my new colleague at eXtension, discovered yesterday

In fact, after writing up instructions for using fink to do an apache+php install — I seriously wondered what crack I was smoking. I still stick by the fink install, if only to catch up on the soaps while you wait for it to compile, fail, and compile some more.

Thankfully for the “I just want it to work now and not dork with this mess” crowd — Apple supplies a perfectly good Apache and PHP install. And MacDevCenter has some great instructions for using that built-in Apache and PHP — starting here and continuing on through here

The masochists probably want to stick with the Fink install — especially once I get around to documenting the joy that is generating self-signed SSL certificates 🙂