Virtually RHEL

Every attempt to try and install RHEL WS 4.0 (the University has a site license) that I’ve tried with a ISO boot cd has resulted in a “An unrecoverable processor error has been encountered” message.

This occurs when the linux boot image tries to load the kernel.

At the moment, given that I don’t know enough to get more detailed troubleshooting — either out of the RHEL WS boot cd or virtual PC (7.02) — I can only conclude that it’s not possible to install RHEL WS 4 under Virtual PC 7.02 for the Macintosh.

However, Fedora Core 4 is happily — though really, really sloooooowly installing as I type this.

[update]: I spoke too soon, Fedora Core installed, but also produces the above error. Sigh.