Great News for IT Staff

According to this Windows IT Pro article (via Engadet). Windows Sysadmins will have multiple new Windows Vista versions to deal with. That’s right — no longer will you have to tear your hair out fighting issues with convincing the faculty/staff/students you support to get XP Professional instead of XP Home, now you’ll be able to choose from a support nightmare of seven different versions!

All brought to you by Microsoft, creators of other fine Marketing products in the past, like “Microsoft BOB”

Bonus commentary from the jabber chatroom:

Brian: hey, maybe ultimate edition will come in a nice collector’s tin with a few free trading cards
Jason M: ooooo
Jason M: maybe holo foils
Margaret: gotta catch ‘em all
Jason Y: just what I’ve always wanted — holographic foils of the Microsoft Executives
Jason Y: that might could generate revenue though, people will have to buy multiple Ultimate editions to collect the whole set

I wonder if Robert Scoble will get his own card?