Your own BSOD

Excellent! Your very own BSOD on your Macintosh!

Funny, somewhat related story. My friends, after a few years of jokes and more than a few rants about Internet Explorer vs. FireFox, know that I’m Macintosh-oriented. They come over to my house on mondays to play Diamond-Mind baseball — which is owned by our league “commissioner” and one of the other guys has to bring their PC laptop (because I only have Macs). I have a new Airport-backed wireless network in the house — and was giving the WPA2 password to one of them to join the network. As soon as he entered the password in the Join Network dialog for the Windows XP wireless and clicked “OK” (or “Apply” or whatever it was) — the machine blue-screened on him.

Classic. Of course, now they think I’ve jinxed all windows machines in the house 😉

(and to be fair — his Dell gets much better signal than my Powerbook G4)