IE, is just, well IE

So I need to update my post from yesterday with a day’s worth of perspective (and additional reads from my RSS feeds).

Saner and clearer heads other than Paul Thurrott’s — and certainly saner than mine are more cautiously optimistic, like Jeffrey Zeldman’s (and the people he links to). Additionally, for what it’s worth, the IE team is actually communicating, in a good way. Internet Explorer 7 is being improved. The CSS 2.0 and 2.1 support is improving. They are fixing bugs and working with the web developer community to do so.

Internet Explorer frustrates me. It’s frustrated me for years. As a pseudo-web developer, and as a user. I switched from IE by switching to the Macintosh, I switched my Windows-using parents away from it, I convinced my friends that it shouldn’t be used at the height of its security problems last year. But they (the IE team) are improving the product. Likely for the good. Thurrott, like Dvorak, Orlowski, and a whole bunch of others, get a lot of press about ranting up and down about one tech thing or another. About the last thing I should be doing is linking to one of them. I’d rather spend time on positive things or even being vaguely funny than ranting or linking to the ranters.

mea culpa.