Learning Subversion

Jason Young: some things about subversion are a serious pain in the ass [peer-who-shares-the-pain]: heh, like what? Jason Young: like the whole svn:keywords thing Jason Young: [censored] - I want keyword expansion automatically - I don’t want to set it on every file, and then I don’t want some bailing wire and duct tape [auto-props] client side setup where every developer has to share those [censored] settings with each other to make sure everyone’s happy [peer-who-shares-the-pain]: why not do a post-commit hook [peer-who-shares-the-pain]: ? Jason Young: because I haven’t learned how to do that yet Jason Young: and I’m the only developer for the project (ewe) that I’m learning how to deal with subversion at the moment Jason Young: let a man bitch about something, why don’t you? [peer-who-shares-the-pain]: lol [peer-who-shares-the-pain]: sorry man [peer-who-shares-the-pain]: continue