New Challenges

On July 18th I’ll be taking a new job as a Senior Systems Engineer with the National eXtension Initiative. I’ll still be at NC State University, but I won’t be directly involved with campus computing. Instead, I’ll be forging and forming relationships within the entire Land-Grant University system.

I never thought I’d leave the College of Engineering, but it’s a good opportunity, and I’m excited about the idea of pulling together a system that gets the “best of breed” cooperative extension information out to the public.

Many, many challenges await. (Or better, as the retiring director of my group would say — many “opportunities” await). I’m looking forward to all of them (and I get to still use a Macintosh ;-).

The timing is a little tough. Our director in ITECS is retiring, and I’ll only have a few days with the new director, Keith Boswell. I had the opportunity to be on the search committee for the ITECS director, and I think ITECS is going to be in great hands with Keith. He seems like a good leader and someone that looks out for his staff and I would have been honored to be part of his team. I imagine that’ll be continuing to connect back with Keith and the others in ITECS. I hope so.