Who Would Win?

In honor of it being just over three years since we started meeting as a group of Engineering System Administrators, I resurrected a previous icebreaker question in yesterday’s meeting as we went ‘round the room and introduced ourselves.

Who would win in a fight: Steve Jobs, Steve Ballmer, Scott McNealy, or Linus Torvalds?

The answers were fun, the first question back was “What kind of fight?”

Some of the funnier highlights:

“Steve Ballmer, because he’d buy someone off”
“None of them, I think that guy from Oracle [ed. Larry Ellison] would win”
“Steve Jobs, because he’d distract them with shiny computers”
“Steve Jobs, because he’s a little crazy”
“None, they’d spend the whole time arguing about the terms of the fight”
“If it’s an email fight, Linus Torvalds has them”
“None of them, Marth Stewart would probably take all, she’s got some prison experience”

and my personal favorite:

“None, because all their fanboys would do all the fighting for them”

I think overall, Ballmer got the nod.

What a fun meeting and fun group. Providing an opportunity (regrettably often skipped and cancelled too often) for that group to come together in email, in meetings, and in IM, is certainly my proudest accomplishment over the last 5 years. I just provided the setting — each of them made the group.