Additional Wisdom

3:05:05 PM B: almost sounds like you need a service to do it right, or at least some taskbar doohicky 3:05:19 PM J1: doohickeys are clearly the answer 3:05:34 PM J2: oh without question 3:05:42 PM I’m more partial to thingamajigs 3:05:54 PM J2: Whenever I can, I try to implement my solutions with a doohickey design pattern 3:06:56 PM J2: jayoung, doohickeys are the way of the future; thingamajigs are alright, but if you want to maintain the highest level of compatibility, start migrating to doohickeys ASAP 3:07:28 PM J1: yeah, thingamajigs lack API/ABI compat

The creation of the Jabber ChatRoom is my proudest accomplishment the whole year.