Norton AV and Wisdom from the Jabber ChatRoom

2:43:55 PM Norton AV 10 for the Macintosh is still a pile of not very pleasant stuff 2:44:35 PM for a forced “security” piece of software, you’d really expect a much better engineered product 2:44:49 PM 1145 lines written to the console log during liveupdate 2:45:51 PM [peer]: my personal favorite item of hatred is the scan on mount thingy 2:46:49 PM no, no, what’s worse (at least pre 10, don’t know about 10 yet) - is the fact that NAV+the Finder (another pile of not very pleasant stuff) won’t let go of usb memory keys when you want to eject them 2:46:55 PM at least that’s my theory 2:47:10 PM I can’t eject squat with NAV liveprotect running without killing the Finder

Obviously, I have a few issues with Norton AntiVirus. I’ll never run it at home, ever.