Maybe some good can come of this…

So recently when I wrote of being contacted by a lawyer about RAID and AFS?. I did get a response from the lawyer.

He is trying to:

“overcome a patent that alleges to be novel and unobvious in claiming a system that includes RAID on AFS…What we are trying to find out is if anyone published an article or spoke about or developed a product that included RAID on AFS prior to 1990.

If what I wrote somehow jogs something else into mind, please do not hesitate to let me know. Otherwise, I hope that this reply shows that some inquisitive intellectual property lawyers represent good guys too!”

I’m afraid our use probably wasn’t much help, but hopefully someone will be able to help him.

I will say, after being curious enough to search the Patent Database ( the ugliest web page known to man) for “AFS AND RAID” (to see if I might figure out the one the lawyer is trying to overcome) that I came away exceedingly depressed at some of the patent grants the USPTO hands out.