The next generation

From the mouths of children comes Wisdom. From Jenny Levine @ The Shifted Librarian (via Deb Coates):

Brent: “So Yahoo is only 10 years old? I thought it was more like 20.”
Jenny: “No, it’s almost as old as you are.” (Brent is nine years old.)
Brent: “Wow. So there was no Yahoo before I was born?”
Jenny: “That’s right. Before you were born, there wasn’t really an internet or the web or email. There was a very basic form for people in the military and at universities, but there were no web sites to visit and no web games to play.”
Brent: “So Runescape didn’t exist?”
Jenny: “Nope. You’re older than Runescape.”
Brent: “So computers were worthless ten years ago?”

The Universities should take heed.