I Like Calling North Carolina Home

From Paul Jones ( via Ed Cone) a list of 8 “North Carolina Wonders” from a 1956 Newspaper report:

  1. Dorton Arena
  2. Old Fort Ridgecrest Southern Railway [Andrews Geyser/Loops.]
  3. Blue Ridge Parkway
  4. Any mammoth textile mill especially those such as Cone Mills (thanks for the reference, Ed)
  5. Duke Tower [on Duke Chapel]
  6. [Old] Playmakers Theater at UNC-Chapel Hill
  7. [Old] State Capitol Building
  8. Wright Memorial at Kill Devil Hills

Heh, I’ve got pictures of the capitol, Duke Tower, (although I have better pictures of Duke Chapel), [new] Playmakers Theater, lots of pictures ,from the parkway (but none of the parkway), Dorton Arena and the [new] fountain. Even, a railway (okay, so it is the kiddie train tracks in Pullen Park).

Still to do, a gigantic Mill, the Wright Memorial, and too many places I haven’t been in a long time.

I love this State.