Cool Things about Microsoft

So Microsoft Product Licensing is evil.

And so is building web pages that have useful information so that they only work in Internet Explorer for Windows (for absolutely no good reason mind you, this is not a multimedia site like MSNBC which I almost understand only working in IE sometimes).

So let me tell you what’s good about Microsoft:

  • The Xbox
  • Microsoft Research
  • Microsoft Tablet PC’s
  • Brad Abrams – a former college friend, who I spent many long programming sessions with trying to get our operating systems projects (long live Zoot!) done
  • Robert Scoble – who is putting a human face on the innovation that’s actually being done at Microsoft (being killed by their product licensing group and lawyers)
  • Channel9 and Raymond Chen – I don’t read the Channel9 blogs because I don’t develop Windows software anymore. But Raymond Chen is cool – had he been writing like that when I was developing software, I still might be a Windows geek
  • ** (update) ** The MSDN Academic Alliance (which likely takes the sting out of some of the product licensing headache for our virtual computing lab)
  • Microsoft Developer Support in general

And I’m sure that’s lots more really cool things going on inside Redmond.

Too bad their product licensing division is evil.