Ego Searching

So after reading a post by James Walker on the subject. I decided to give the MSN Beta Search a spin.

Search for Jason Young put me fourth in the list. And I think “wow, that’s higher than I’ve ever seen Google do that” — and was all ready to write up a post about getting my ego stroked by Microsoft.

Well, when I searched Google for Jason Young. I came up second in the list.

Something is seriously wrong in the world. I thought for a moment that Google and MSN both skewed results to similar domains of where you are coming from (which wouldn’t be a bad algorithm by the way, we use Google to pretty find anything on the NCSU sites already) — but Billy tried it via RDP to his machine at home — and I was second there too.

Thankfully Rob reported that I’m not even in the 190 results that Ask Jeeves returns. So all is right with the world again.

(Which all makes me wonder if Google (and MSN Search) skew results toward .edu sites)

[Update]: I bet it was the fact that Brad linked to me. He’s got a popular blog. I wonder if that means I should stop picking on Microsoft.