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If you ever have forwarded along an email from anyone - please forward thisone along to all your friends, family, pets, and even any inanimate objectsthat you personally know and/or are acquainted with that have an emailaddress.    For every group of 10 you send this email too - you will get fantasticriches and a lifetime of carefree opportunity!!!!!!!!!!! (*)    =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=    From the Earthlink Corporate Security/Protection "Weblog":    [][1]    Internet Hoaxes    I'm sure everyone has received one of those emails that tell some fantasticstory that is almost too incredible to believe. Recently, I've seen a lotof claims of Tsunami photographs, or maybe you've received an email aboutsome new virus that has been circulating. Before you blindly forward theseemails to 10 of your friends, it's a good idea to check if it's actually ahoax. One of the best ways to do this is to check Snopes,[][2]. Snopes is a great web site that explains anddocuments well-known hoaxes on the Internet. It explains which UrbanLegends are true vs. which are, well... Urban Legends.    Although forwarding these types of email may not be considered spam by mostpeople, (I'll talk about spam definitions later) it's good netiquette tocheck the veracity of a story before forwarding it on. Plus, it can be funto write back, "Nice email, but not true. See Snopes."    =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=    (* -- Well not really, but you might just "Save the Internet" (**) )    (** -- okay, you probably won't do that either - but you'll save someone,       anyone from falling victim to Internet Hoaxes, and if you save       one person, JUST ONE PERSON from an Internet Hoax, they'll be       indebted to you forever(***) )    (*** -- okay, so they won't be indebted to you forever,        but just do it - okay?  please? PLEASE?!?)    Jason    --~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Jason Young                        NC STATE UNIVERSITYITECS Systems Group Manager         COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING ____________________________________________________________