Well, it *is* Friday Afternoon

Received at our support address mailbox today:

Dear Web Manager,

I visited your Web site at www.itecs.ncsu.edu and would like to let you know that your Web site could also be presented in other languages for broader recognition.


We specialize in Website Translation and URL Submission in 10 languages — Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, Chinese, Japanese and Korean. Our Web translation package includes:


I just had to pull this one out of the trash queue for an appropriate response:

Dear Unsolicited Commercial Email Sender,

We have received your offer for website translation services. You do support an impressive number of translations.

However, you do not offer Pig Latin. We feel that your language translation offering is therefore incomplete and we must reply to say that we are not interested.

Should you offer Pig Latin translation service in the future, perhaps we will lengthen the time we take to reject your spam offer.


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